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Our budget and your council tax

At the Fire and Rescue Authority meeting on 13 February 2020 Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority approved the level of Council Tax for the year 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. The Authority agreed to set a 1.98% increase in council tax with a budget of £39.9m for 2020/2021.

Budget and Council Tax 2019/2020

The table below shows the council tax bandings and council tax levels.
Council Tax Band Valuation Council Tax 2019/2020
A £0 - £40,000 £51.82
B £40,000 - £52,000 £60.46
C £52,001 - £68,000 £69.09
D £68,001 - £88,000 £77.73
E £88,001 - £120,000 £95.00
F £120,001 - £160,000 £112.28
G £160,001 - £320,000 £129.55
H £320,001 or above £155.46
*illustrated above 1991 Valuations used by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

Our Budget Requirement and Funding

The Settlement Funding Assessment for 2020/2021 is £13.2m, an increase of £0.2m (1.5%) compared to the 2019/2020 allocation of £13.0m.

Budget Requirement Comparison for year 2019 through 2020 and year 2020 through 2021
Expense Details Amount in millions of pounds for 2019 through 2020* Amount in millions of pounds for 2020 through 2021
Gross expenditure for services 40.2 43.2
Contribution from reserves 0.8 0.8
Income (To be subtracted from sum) 3.1 4.1
Total Budget Requirement 37.9 39.9

*Original Budget

The Service experienced significant funding reductions in its Revenue Support Grant over the period 2011/2012 to 2019/2020. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service has secured on-going savings in the region of £11.5m as part of a concerted and timely approach to address the impact of funding reductions.

Contact the Chief Fire Officer on:
Tel: 01773 305305
Address: Derbyshire Fire Authority, Butterley Hall, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3RS