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Q2 performance summary 2022-23

July - September 2022

Incident Activity

  • 2,300 incidents attended between July and September, a 25% increase on the period average
  • In Q2, our crews attended over 1,000 fire incidents.

Malicious False Alarms

  • We attended 19 hoax fire calls in Q2, distracting our crews from potential life-threatening situations.

Incident Response

  • In Q2, 16,500 emergency calls were answered by Joint Control staff, the highest recorded quarterly total for Joint Control.
  • Control operators achieved an average call handling time of 92 seconds to P1 and P2 fires.
  • Our first pumps arrived at 70% of life-risk fires within 10 minutes of being mobilised, which is below our target of 80%
  • This quarter, our On-Call appliance availability was 77% while Wholetime pumps were available more than 99% of the time

Outdoor fires

  • Over 700 Outdoors attended between July and September, the highest quarterly total on records dating back to 2009.
  • 16 fires attended by 5 or more pumps, several which were on moorland/heathland.

Casualties and Fatalities

  • 0 accidental fire fatalities between July and September.
  • 8 people hospitalised with injuries from accidental fires in Q2
  • 0 water related fatalities recorded in Q2, with incidents of this nature declining significantly on 2021/22.

Accidental Dwelling fires

  • 100 accidental house fires attended between July and September
  • 84% of houses that had an accidental fire in Q2 had a smoke alarm fitted.

Deliberate fires

  • Crews attended close to 500 deliberate fires between July and September, the highest Q2 total of the last decade.
  • Incidents were above average in all 3 service areas, with Chesterfield, Nottingham Road, Heanor and Ascot Drive seeing the biggest increase at station level.
  • Prevention work alongside partners has been ongoing in spike areas.

Emergency Special Services

  • DFRS attended over 400 emergency special service incidents in Q2, including helping out Police and Ambulance on 80 occasions.


  • 8 people were killed and 26 seriously injured at RTCs attended by DFRS during Q2.


  • By the end of September, 14% of our operational workforce were from under-represented groups and 11% of our operational workforce were female.
  • During quarter 4, we recorded 2.1 average shifts lost to sickness.

Prevention activities

  • Between July and September, we delivered over 3,900 Safe and Well checks to vulnerable people in Derbyshire and we fitted over 2,000 smoke alarms.

Protection Activities

  • Just 22 non-domestic property fires in Q2, the lowest quarterly total on record.
  • Our crews and protection teams visited over 900 commercial properties in Derbyshire to identify any potential risks to crews and to ensure compliance with fire regulations.
  • Nearly 150 fire safety audits at commercial premises were completed in Q2.

Operational Assurance

  • During the quarter, we undertook 13 training exercises, 4 of which were multi-agency exercises.

Social Media

  • DFRS achieved its higher ever Impressions on social media -  61,000 impressions for the photo of a discarded camping stove at the fire at Win Hill