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Number of Fire Safety Officers


1.  Please can you tell me for each financial year since 2000, how many full time equivalent specialist technical fire safety officers (i.e., those whose primary role was in planning, building control support, fire safety inspection or audit roles) the service employed?

2.  Can you identify the numbers of staff in each role - where one individual has more than one specialist fire safety role, please allocate that position to the largest role.

3.  How many enforcement notices, prohibition notices or other enforcement actions were taken by the service in respect of residential buildings or hotels over 6 storeys high in each of those years, specifying each type of enforcement action undertaken

4.  For each financial year since 2000, what was the total budget for fire prevention measures?


1. and 2.  With regard to questions 1 and 2, we hold data from 2011/12 – 2016/17. Our Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Fire Protection Officers in our Fire Protection Team include Operational Station Managers, Watch Managers and Crew Managers as well as non-operational staff. Data on the number of specialist fire safety inspectors in post for each year between 2012-2017 is given below. This table is also included in the file below marked ‘Fire Safety Inspections 2012-2017’ under the sheet marked ‘FTE Detail’.

Resource information
  2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17
Total service workforce (FTE) 784.55 777.83 735.32 734.32 755.35
FTE of fire protection officers 22.7 24.7 19.56 18.56 18.79
Total service workforce less FP officers 761.85 753.13 715.76 715.76 736.56
% of total Service workforce carrying out protection work 2.89% 3.18% 2.66% 2.53% 2.55%

These figures do not include staff in our Prevention Team who proactively engage with the population of Derbyshire, providing fire safety advice, home fire safety checks and other targeted initiatives some in conjunction with our partner organisations. In response to your request, the figures in the table below relate to the Full Time Equivalent in particular roles in Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service:

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Community Fire Safety 10.6 9.5 8 8 8.9 11.5
Youth Worker 4 3 2 2 1.7 3

3.  We hold statistical data from 2012/13 onwards. Please see the file below marked ‘Fire Safety Inspections 2012-2017’ and sheets marked the sheets marked ‘FS audits’ for details of Alterations Notices, Enforcement Notices, Prohibition Notices served or Prosecutions taken by the Service in respect of residential buildings or hotels.

No Alterations Notices have been served in respect of major works proposed on any buildings over 6 storeys high.

In May 2015 an Enforcement Notice was served in respect of remedial works required on the International Hotel, Derby. The International Hotel, Derby, is a building over 18 meters high with 5 floors.

No Prohibition Notices have been served in respect of major works proposed on any buildings over 6 storeys high.

In March 2017 a successful Prosecution was brought against Mr Rai in respect of works required on the International Hotel, Derby. The International Hotel, Derby, is a building over 18 meters high with 5 floors.

For the purposes of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority is the “enforcing authority” for Derbyshire County and Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority will ensure that any enforcement action taken is:

  • Proportional to the circumstances

  • Consistent as to the actions and outcome

  • Targeted at more serious risks

  • Transparent to all responsible persons

Details of the Protection work we carry out can be found on our website. Where there has been a failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice, or progress is unsatisfactory, then the matter is referred for the consideration of legal action. The Authority does have the capability to prosecute and in recent years the Authority has successfully brought a number of prosecutions.

For your information, information is submitted annually to the Government and the link below goes to the Government Fire Statistics website where further fire data can be viewed and requested.

4.  I would be grateful if you could clarify what you are looking to be included in the budget for fire prevention measures, for example, salary costs, cost of Fire Safety Inspection work?

Our Statement of Accounts from 2005-2006 onwards are on our website and detail expenditure on Community Fire Safety (Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement – page 27 of the 2015-2016 Statement) but the budget can vary depending on what the priorities are and what work is being carried out each year.

Within our Community Safety Portfolio we carry out Prevention work and Protection work.

Our prevention work encompasses a range of activities which are focused on the safety of our diverse communities in their homes, on the road and at leisure.

Our Protection work centres on the duties of Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. With regard to enforcement action, please see links in the response to question 3 above.

Fire Safety Inspections 2012-2017 (xlsx 154.65 KB)