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NJC Workstreams


Ref - National Joint Councils (NJC) for Local Authority Fire & Rescue Services and the 5 workstreams currently being undertaken across the UK Fire & Rescue Service, (UKFRS),

I would like to request information pertaining to any trials your FRS has undertaken as part of the NJC workstreams as set out below.

  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Multi Agency Response
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Youth and Social Engagement
  • Inspection & Enforcement

I would be grateful if you will provide answers to the following questions

  1. Please state which of the above (if any) has your FRS undertaken in trials
  2. Please state the start and end dates of each trial
  3. Please state the estimated numbers of staff involved
  4. Please state which sites were involved (ie fire stations)
  5. Please provide copies of any significant operational lessons learned
  6. Please provide copies of clinical outcomes achieved
  7. Please explain what funding was used to undertake the trials
  8. Please explain what if any income was raised as a result of the trials
  9. Please provide information regarding any injuries or near misses that were recorded as a result of the work undertaken.
  10. What specific additional training was given as part of the workstream trial.


  1. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service has joined the NJC Trials for Emergency Medical Response.

  2. An Emergency First Responder (EFR) Pilot Scheme commenced in Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service in May 2015. We operated the scheme at four stations using On-Call staff. We joined the NJC Trials for Emergency Medical Response in January 2017 and part way through the national trial period, we introduced an extension that saw Wholetime staff undertaking Emergency First Response at further locations.

  3. We have 127 staff involved in carrying out Emergency First Response duties.

    16 individuals completed their EFR Medical initial course in 2015 – all were On-Call staff (also known as Retained Duty System (RDS) staff).

    Since 2015 a further 111 individuals have completed their EFR medical conversion training – being 89 Wholetime Duty System (WDS) staff and 22 On-Call / RDS staff.


    The following Stations have been involved in the Emergency Medical Response trial:

    Buxton Fire Station – On-call staff

    - Wholetime staff

    May 2015 – present

    February 2017 – present

    Chesterfield Fire Station – Wholetime staff

    February 2017 – present

    Dronfield Fire Station – On-call staff

    May 2015 - present

    Ilkeston Fire Station – Wholetime staff

    January 2017 - present

    Long Eaton Fire Station – Wholetime staff

    January 2017 - present

    Matlock Fire Station – On-call staff and Wholetime staff

    May 2015 - present

    Staveley Fire Station – On-call staff and Wholetime staff

    May 2015 - present

  5. We have improved training and development in respect of the management of incidents.

  6. Please click on link to report - Summary of EFR Incidents attended by DFRS.xls
  7. East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) agreed to fund the following elements for the trial: 

    • Call outs (calls for service) funding limited to x1 responder.
    • Equipment.
    • Training.
    • Vehicle Costs - Running and transport costs.

    Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority agreed to provide funding for the additional support costs on a local needs basis to include training, an additional person responding and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  8. 2015/16 – Apr 2015 – Mar 2016


    2016/17 – Apr 2016 – Mar 2017


    2017/18 – Apr 2017 – Jun 2017


  9. None
  10. Training support currently aligned to IEC syllabus where applicable (including salbutamol administration) until fire and rescue services switched to the new national standard FPOS syllabus.