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Members Allowances 2017/18


Could you provide a breakdown of the allowances that elected members receive for being on the fire authority for this financial year


The Members' Special Responsibility Allowances Scheme can be found on pages 96-108 of the Members’ Handbook 2016-17 on our website. Details of the current allowances paid are on page 105. These allowances will remain the same for 2017-18 unless reviewed and amended by Members.

Authority members are able to claim various allowances in connection with carrying out their duties. They are provided with a Basic Allowance to cover the cost of most Member duties, and can claim for travel and subsistence in line with the rules set out in the Members' Special Responsibility Allowances Scheme.

There is a legal obligation to publish an annual statement of the allowances paid to members during each financial year. A Summary of Members’ Allowances paid in 2015-16 can therefore be found on our website through the following link.

A Summary of Members’ Allowances paid in 2016-17 will be included in Financial Reports to the Fire Authority later this year and thereafter will be published on our website.