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IT Service Management solutions


1. Which IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions are currently being used by your organisation in their IT operations and Service Desk functions.

2. How much did the organisation spend on this solution? (Please provide initial setup / deployment costs and ongoing costs)

3. Which company did your organisation procure the current solution from and by which method? (i.e. Direct Award / Tender etc.)

4. When does the current ITSM solution contract expire?

5. Who in the organisation is responsible for deciding which ITSM tool is used? (Please provide name and job title)


  1. SolarWinds - Web Help Desk.
  2. Approximately £10K.  Maintenance is £1,975 per annum.  Deployed and configured in-house.
  3. SolarWinds - direct award.
  4. December 2018.
  5. Marcus Boyce - ICT Service Delivery Manager