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Inspection Officers


Please can you tell me now many inspection officers you employ/have employed, and whether they are full time or part time, for every year from 2000 to the present day. (For clarity, inspection officers refer to officers who carry out audits of fire risk assessments of buildings).

Please also tell me now many inspection officers in each year since 2000 are 'grey book' (ex firefighters) and which are 'green book' (employed directly into specialist roles without a firefighting background).


We hold data from 2013-2017 and these figures relate to the Full Time Equivalent in those roles.  Our Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Fire Safety Inspectors in our Fire Protection Team include operational staff - Group Managers, Station Managers, Watch Managers, Crew Managers and Firefighters - as well as non-operational staff.

I refer you to a recent request (FOI 32/17) for information with data on the number of specialist Fire Safety Inspectors in post for each year between 2013-2017.

All uniformed/operational staff are employed under the 'Grey Book' National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire & Rescue Services Scheme of Conditions of Service Sixth Edition 2004 (updated 2009).

All non-uniformed staff are employed under the 'Green Book' National Joint Council terms and conditions for Local Government Services.  Many of these roles have been or are currently held by ex-firefighters.