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Friargate Square


Please provide sight of any fire safety inspection reports or any other fire safety data relating to Friargate Square (Copper Building), Agard Street, Derby. This would include any liaison with Derby City Council’s Building Control, as well as the property’s architects and developers.

In particular, we would like sight of any references to the requirement for fire escapes for the six storey building.



After a local planning authority has received a planning application, it will undertake a period of consultation where views on the proposed development can be expressed. The formal consultation period will normally last for 21 days, and the local planning authority will identify and consult a number of different groups. As a statutory consultee, the Fire and Rescue Authority responds providing advice on the proposal in question.

With regard to planning applications relating to Friar Gate Square, Agard Street, Derby, please find attached copies of the following:

  1. Letter from Mr C Parker to Quadrant Approved Inspectors dated 11 November 2014
  2. Letter from Mr C Parker to MFA Building Control Ltd dated 22 July 2015
  3. Letter from Mr C Parker to Coast 2 Coast Building Control dated 2 January 2017

1 Friargate Square pdf 1,011.81 KB

2 Friargate Square pdf 1,098.93 KB

3 Friargate square pdf 1,705.72 KB