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Friargate Square


Please provide sight of any communications from DF&RS senior officers (to include the Chief Officer) to Derby City Council, relating to concerns over building fire safety and related processes in respect of public and tenanted buildings, to include One Friar Gate Square, from 2015 onwards.


On investigation there are no independent communications by senior officers to Derby City Council regarding the fire safety of particular buildings.

Our Chief Fire Officer Terry McDermott did write to Derby City Council’s Chief Executive with a request for access to data to target the vulnerable (see below). This was sent to also sent to the Derbyshire County Council Chief Executive and District Council Chief Executives. CFO Terry McDermott also lobbied local MPs re fire safety in schools (see letter below to P Latham MP) but not Councillors.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, a letter (see Template below) was sent out to Responsible Persons in June 2017 after our Fire Safety Inspecting Officers contacted and met them to advise and assist after the Grenfell Tower fire.