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Fire Service Vehicle Incidents


  1. How many vehicles in Derby and Derbyshire have been damaged by fire engines so far this year? Please could you split the figures into whether the engines were responding to an emergency or not. If possible could you also split the figures into severity in terms of damage.
  2. How many fire service personnel have been injured in road traffic collisions so far this year? Again please split the figures into severity in terms of injures (fatal, life-threatening, minor etc).
  3. How many incidents have Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service been unable to attend due to vehicles blocking a narrow street so far this year?



Number of Vehicles Damaged by Fire Appliances  January - July 2017
Accidents driving on Blue Lights Accidents not driving on Blue Lights Severity of Damage to Third Party Damage to Appliance
  1 Minor - nearside wheel arch and the rear bumper was pulled away Scratch on nearside locker handle
  1 Minor - scuffed paintwork on offside rear bumper/wing Superficial marks on offside rear wheel arch
1   None - clipped wing mirror of coach in slow traffic None
  1 Minor - scuffing to offside alloy/bodywork Mark on nearside steel step to front passenger door
  1 Major - offside front damage - bumper, bonnet/side Nearside front bumper, lights, wing, wheel arch, step, scuffed paintwork
1   Minor bodywork damage / scuffed paintwork nearside rear door, wing, bumper. Rear bumper pulled away Nearside wheel arch
1   Minor - rear bumper damaged and pulled away Offside lower step to crew cab
3 4    


Number of Fire Service personnel injured in RTCs Severity of Injury Comment
1 Minor - sore neck This was an officer's car struck from behind whilst waiting at a junction. Not on blue lights.

3.  None