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Cost of Animal Rescue


  1. How many animals have been rescued by the fire service in the last three years, broken down by year and animal.
  2. Where the animal was rescued from?
  3. What is annual cost of rescuing animals for each of these years?


Please find details in the report below:

With regard to this data, please note that:

(i) Only 'checked' incidents on our Information Recording System (IRS) are included in the attached Excel report. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report, but it is only as accurate as the data entered at source. This data includes “Over Border” incidents where we attend an incident out of Derbyshire County for another Fire Service.

(ii) Exact details of the number of fire fighters, number and type of appliances used and costing of incidents is not recorded and cannot be given without working through each incident and calculating the time in attendance, the exact number in the crews attending and type of Officers attending. Watch Managers take on Incident Command but Officers (Station Manager, Group Managers, Area Managers and Deputies) take on Incident Command in more serious incidents. An approximate cost has been given based on an hourly rate on the basis that, usually, one appliance with a crew of at least 4 or 5 Firefighters will be deployed to these call outs. A crew usually consists of one Watch Manager and/or Crew Manager and two to four Firefighters (including a driver); of this, all crew members (except the Watch Manager). An approximate cost estimate is given based on an hour in attendance but an additional allowance could also be made for overheads of running the Service. It should be noted that our Wholetime Firefighters work full time so are paid for their time in any event but Retained Duty System (On-Call) Firefighters work part time and are paid a call out rate when they attend an incident.

FOI- Animal rescues 2014-17 FS (xlsx 43.31 KB)