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Inclusion & Equality Forum


Management of the Service's inclusion and equality performance is carried out through the Inclusion & Equality Forum. The responsibility for delivering the Inclusion Strategy action plan is embedded within appropriate service areas. Progress is managed and reported on by the Head of Prevention and Inclusion Policy who provides updates to the Elected Members where the Service is successfully improving inclusion and equality outcomes. The Forum acts as the scrutiny panel for Members and is pro-active in ensuring that inclusion is real throughout the Service.

I&E Forum Terms of Reference

The Inclusion & Equality Forum deals with the following issues which are known as its terms of reference:

  • To ensure that equality, fair treatment and social inclusion are integral to all DFRS decision making processes.
  • Monitor and constructively challenge evidence of performance progress against the objectives in the Inclusion Strategy and the associated Fire & Rescue Service Equality Framework.
  • Act as a constructive forum on key inclusion and equality strategies and policies.
  • Contribute to the setting of inclusion and equality performance targets where applicable.
  • Monitor effectiveness of formal partnership agreements in relation to inclusion and equality issues.
  • Receive equalities progress reports from the Prevention & Inclusion, Response and Protection portfolios on service delivery to local communities; and Human Resources in relation to the workforce.
  • Identify priority areas requiring improvement and progress in relation to inclusion and equality issues to meet service priorities.
  • Review and monitor the effectiveness of the corporate inclusion and equality training programme.
  • Receive information of relevant new legislation and statutory changes and the potential impact on service delivery or the workforce.

I&E Annual Work Programme

I&E Forum Annual Work Programme 2021-22 (pdf 23.34 KB)

I&E Forum Members

Members of the Inclusions & Equity Forum consist of the Strategic Leadership Team and members of the Fire & Rescue Authority.  Other Fire & Rescue Service Officers attend as necessary

Jack Woolley - CHAIR

Jack Woolley - CHAIR

Derbyshire County Council
Sutton - North East Derbyshire District Council

Evonne Williams - VICE CHAIR

Evonne Williams - VICE CHAIR

Derby City Council
Spondon Ward

David Taylor

David Taylor

Derbyshire County Council
Alport and Derwent - Amber Valley Borough Council

Ludwig Ramsey

Ludwig Ramsey

Derbyshire County Council
Spire - Chesterfield Borough Council

Sue Burfoot

Sue Burfoot

Derbyshire County Council
Matlock Division

I&E Forum Meeting Dates

Timetable of future meetings

  • 7 March 2023

  • 6 June 2023

I&E Forum Meeting - 6 December 2022

I&E Forum Meeting - 6 September 2022

I&E Forum Meeting - 26 April 2022

I&E Forum Meeting - 25 January 2022