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Prevention Strategy 2023-26

Strategic Vision

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service’s (DFRS) vision is to ‘Make Derbyshire Safer Together.’ Our Plan 2023–26: Community Risk Management Plan (Our Plan) details how we will do this and recognises the importance of an effective prevention strategy to support its delivery and ongoing work against our Service priorities (SPs).

We have a duty under the Fire and Rescue  Service Act 2004 (Section 6) which requires each service to: “make provision for the purpose of promoting fire safety in its area”. Promoting fire and rescue service prevention activity to our communities, as well as highlighting wider community issues, is an inherent part of our legal duty and public service. Our prevention vision is:

“Making Derbyshire safer together to create healthier and more resilient communities by professionalising prevention through innovation, talent and competence”.


To improve safety in communities, we will work collaboratively with other agencies to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents to improve community outcomes. In delivering this strategy, we will also consider1 :