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Incident Activity Mapping Portal

The Incident Activity Mapping Portal has been made available by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) to increase transparency by informing local communities about incidents that DFRS have attended within their local area. 

The mapping portal displays information geographically and incidents that DFRS attended are displayed as coloured circles.  Each circle marks the approximate location of where an incident has occurred.  To ensure the privacy of individuals, incidents are mapped to a point on, or near, the street where it happened, rather than the actual location itself. This is referred to as a ‘snap point’.  Rather than put a circle over the location of the incident, the website will move the location of this incident to the nearest snap point location. 

Due to the application of this snap-point methodology, users of the DFRS Incident Activity Mapping Portal website should be aware that when viewing street-level maps, the data published on the website does not necessarily portray exact locations of where the incident occurred.

Whilst developing the Incident Activity Mapping Portal, DFRS has worked in partnership with Derbyshire Police and uses the same Neighbourhood Areas and snap-point methodology developed by to provide a common theme for the public.

Incidents are updated every three months (quarterly) retrospectively for instance, the quarter 1st January to 31st March 2017 will be available on or after the 15th April 2017.  The period from the 1st to the 15th allows for incidents to be completed and checked by DFRS statisticians prior to publication.

In addition to the link on the DFRS website, the Incident Activity Mapping Portal can also be accessed by entering directly into a web browser.

If you have any comments or questions about the Incident Activity Mapping Portal, please contact us via email at


Click here to visit the

Incident Activity Mapping Portal



Q: Does the data include all Derbyshire Fire Service incidents

A:  All incidents are returned for the area, date period and incident type selected.  However, the data only includes incidents that have been completed and checked in the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Incident Recording System and therefore could ignore incidents that have yet to be checked and validated.

Q: I am searching using my postcode, but no incidents are showing

A:  Incidents will only be displayed if there were incidents in the date period selected.  Additionally, whilst there might be incidents, the incident type filter could be on a category where there has been no incidents

Q: I live close to the Derbyshire border and when I put in my postcode no incidents are displayed

A: All postcodes whose area is in Derbyshire are searchable on however; postcodes that are close to the Derbyshire border may not return any results if the postcode area is predominantly outside of Derbyshire

Q:  I put my town in the search, but I cannot see any incidents

A: For a town to be a valid search criteria, the town name has to appear in the name of the 95 neighbourhood `names` that have been used to create the areas.  If an area outline is showing but there are no incidents displayed then there has been no incidents during the date period selected.



The incident data displayed on this mapping system is from Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service and is for the Derbyshire area only. 

Please be aware that any searches made relating to areas outside of Derbyshire will return a zero result.


Instructional videos on how to use the portal

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