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CFOA Expenditure


I would be grateful if you would provide me with the following information with regard to expenditure made by the Fire and Rescue Authority (FRA) in relation to the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) for the financial years 2014/15 and 2015/16.

1. What was the annual subscription/corporate payment made for the above financial years in respect of the CFOA?

2. Are the annual subscriptions of individual CFOA members in the FRS paid by the FRA?

3. How many of your personnel are members of CFOA that the FRA pay for?

4.  if the individual membership subscriptions are paid by the FRA what was the total expenditure for the subscriptions for the above financial years?

5. What was the expenditure by the FRA for the above financial years paid to CFOA in respect of attendance of officers and Members of the FRA at CFOA conferences, seminars, meetings. Including - cost of event, travel, overnight stay?

6. What is the budgeted expenditure for the annual subscription/corporate payment made for the current financial year (2016/17) in respect of CFOA?

7. What is the budgeted expenditure for individual subscriptions of CFOA members in the FRS made for the current financial year (2016/17) in respect of CFOA?

8. If any employee paid for by FRA or individual are members of CFOA, what is the cost of their employment including NIC, and pension contribution whilst attending any CFOA event? i.e. If a Chief Fire Officer is away for two days for a CFOA event or on CFOA business, what is the cost to the organisation for that person's salary?


1. In both financial years the amount was £9,166.

2. Yes.

3. 7 in both years.

4. 2014/15 - £1,260. 2015/16 - £1,560.

5. 2014/15 - £5,230. 2015/16 - £8,615.

6. £9,200.

7. £1,700.

8. Daily Rates (based on 8 hours days)
CFO/CE - £712
DCFO - £605
DCE - £502
Area Manager - £339

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