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Business Safety FAQ

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» What fire law applies to my business premises?

» Who does it affect?

» Where does the Fire Safety Order legislation apply?

» What do I have to do?

» What Is a Fire Risk Assessment?

» I have a fire that be enough?

» Is the Assessment a one-off process?

» What happens if I share my premises with others?

» Will the Fire and Rescue Service inspect my premises?

» What happens if I don't comply with the Fire Safety Order, or conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?

» Am I responsible if my fire safety equipment fails?

» Once I've carried out my fire risk assessment, who should I show it too?

» Fire Routine

» Fire Safety Training

» Actions on discovering a fire

» Hearing the fire alarm

» Fire assembly points

» Calling the Fire and Rescue Service

» Awareness of portable fire equipment

» What firefighting equipment do I need?

» Testing and maintenance of fire safety equipment and systems

» Maintenance of Fire Safety Measures

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