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Corporate Plans

This section contains information about our corporate plans to deliver and manage our services in order to achieve our vision of ‘Making Derbyshire Safer’.

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Strategic Planning Cycle

Each year we produce a Strategic Planning Cycle which details what we will do throughout the year to prepare and create our corporate plan, the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP).

Prior to the IRMP being published, the Service consult with the communities and stakeholders to inform them of our intended objectives / outcomes. This is then formally approved at the Fire & Rescue Authority and published in April each year.

Our Latest IRMP

Previous Plans

PDF DFRS Service Plan 2014-2017 Print
(5,738.85 KB)
PDF DFRS Service Action Plan 2015 16: Year 2 of our 3 year Plan
(7,989.04 KB)
PDF DFRS Service Action Plan 2016-2017 Year 3 of 3
(2,139.61 KB)

Our Strategies

(This area is currently is being updated)

Inclusion & Diversity Strategy : Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan

PDF Procurement Strategy - 2015 to 2019
(412.14 KB)
PDF People Strategy 2015-17
(1,964.70 KB)
PDF Corporate Communications Approach
(1,065.31 KB)
PDF On Call Strategy 2017-21
(1,234.82 KB)
PDF Medium Term Financial Strategy 2018-22
(1,579.81 KB)
PDF DFRA Budget 2018-2022
(611.63 KB)
PDF Reserves Forecast 2017-2018 onwards adjusted
(25.81 KB)
PDF Appendix 1
(193.29 KB)
PDF Appendix 2a 2b
(11.06 KB)
PDF Appendix 3
(453.17 KB)

Corporate Risk Management

Corporate risk management is the basis for the business planning function of Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority.

We have identified a number of corporate risks. Each risk has an agreed tolerance level and has a nominated risk lead officer who updates the risk ratings and risk control measures in real time. Variance in ratings comes from departmental and strategic meetings where internal and external influences are discussed. Risks can move in and out of the register according to their rating.

Risks are monitored by DFRS Strategic Leadership Team and the Service Management Group and are reported to the Fire & Rescue Authority members twice a year at the Governance and Performance Working Group meetings.

Annual Reports

We produce an annual report that reports back to the Fire & Rescue Authority and the general public on how well the Service has performed in meeting its priorities and objectives in the previous twelve months, a summary of the Services financial situation, and an explanation of the structure of the Service and its governing body the Fire & Rescue Authority.

You can read the current financial years Annual Report below. Previous Annual Reports are provided for reference.

Statement of Assurance incorporated within the Annual Report from 2012/13

The National Framework document requires all Fire & Rescue Services to provide annual assurance to their communities on the following four key areas:

  • financial information
  • governance
  • operational matters
  • regard to the requirements included within framework (captured in the IRMP).

Future Annual Reports will continue to capture this information.

PDF Annual Report 2016-17
(1,905.48 KB)
PDF Annual Report 2015-16
(6,132.43 KB)

Fire Peer Reviews

During the latter part of January 2017, we welcomed the Local Government Association (LGA) and Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) Operational Assessment Peer Review team to Derbyshire. We are now pleased to publish the findings of the review in the report below.

Review of Fire and Rescue Authority Efficiencies and Operations 2013

In December 2012 the Fire Minister Brandon Lewis commissioned Sir Ken Knight, the outgoing Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor (2007 to 2013), to conduct an independent review of efficiency in the provision of fire and rescue in England. Each Fire and Rescue Authority had an opportunity to respond to this. In light of this and changes to our budget imposed by central government, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service produced a review on the Authority's efficiencies and operations to address the funding reductions.

This review, which was submitted in Feburary 2013, to Sir Ken Knight is available to view below.

PDF Review Of Fire And Rescue Authority Efficiences And Operations 2013
(1,762.51 KB)

The response to all fire and rescue authorities from Sir Ken Knight (The Facing the Future Report) is available to view below. Statistical information comparing national key performance measures used in Sir Ken Knight's report against those of Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, over a 10 year period, are contained in the Facing the Future - A Statistical Analysis document also below.

PDF Facing The Future Report
(705.38 KB)
PDF Facing The Future - A Statistical Analysis
(594.86 KB)

Health and Safety

See our annual health and safety report by clicking the appropriate links below.

PDF Safety And Risk Management Annual Report 2015-2016
(1,882.20 KB)
PDF Safety And Risk Management Annual Report 2014~2015
(1,824.75 KB)
PDF Safety And Risk Management Annual Report 2012~2013
(542.84 KB)

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